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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Why Malden Works

A GREAT PLACE TO DO BUSINESS - The Mayor handed out this two-sided 8x11 flyer at a conference he attended at Harvard University on Tuesday May 11, 2010. He addressed a group of entrepreneurs from China who are here visiting as guests of the Chinese Cultural Council and US Asia Business to explore possible business opportunities in this country.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

PHOTOS from the FIELD: Ose Manheim, Winner of the "Features of Malden" Art Contest 2009

"Malden Diversity", an award-winning photo collage work by Ose Manheim. Courtesy Photo: Ose Manheim

Ose Manheim with her award-winning work, a colorful photo collage of various houses in the community. Photo by Sand T

Manheim explains her work. Photo by Sand T

Installation team has completed mounting Manheim's winning art work on the decorative fence panel project along Main Street, opposite the First Baptist Church on July 8. Photo by Sand T

Manheim with installation team. Photo by Sand T

Art Collaborative: Sand T's Blurb for WAM's T-Shirt

Sand T (Founder/Director of artSPACE@16) contributed a blurb, "
-->THINK ARTS. THINK MALDEN." to WAM Window Arts Malden 2007 project campaign. WAM printed Sand T's blurb on T-shirts as a slogan to promote the arts in Malden. Photo: Sand T

Monday, July 13, 2009

Thank You Note from Mai Du, Director of Youth Programs, American Red Cross of Massachusetts Bay

2009 Urban Art Competition A Success!

Hello 2009 Urban Art Competition Co-Sponsors and Supporters!

I would like to sincerely thank each of our co-supporters, organizers, and supporters for making the 2009 Urban Art Competition a success! Saturday was a gorgeous day and everyone who came out to Lincoln Commons seemed to have a real enjoyable time. The atmosphere was one of serenity, fun relaxation, artistic creation, and of course, caring community!

I will share pictures soon as they are mostly on and right now. Lots of great pictures!

Special thanks to all the organizations and individuals who made this event a success!! Thanks for the food donations!! Many thanks to Friends of Oak Grove, Inc. and particularly Pat and Paul for helping to pick up and drop off the art boards…and the Sound system! Kevin, thanks for the meatballs and rolls! Mei for the pasta! Salads from FOOGI and Kathy Strissel! Amy Tran for the cake and coffee rolls! Many thanks to Marc Fernandez, Nate, and Glen from the Red Cross for the food management!

Many thanks to Wah Lum Kung Fu & Tai Chi Academy students and parents for their participation, Boston Improv for their creative involvement, youth talents and singers, and more!!

Many thanks to Anne and MATV! Thanks Melody and Asian Spectrum! …for all the video filming!

Thanks to the fantastic support from City Council Gary Christenson & Jim Nestor; School Committee Peg Crowe, Steve Ultrino & Kevin Duffy—this was a fantastic turnout from elected officials!!!

Thanks to Stacy Gilchrist with Window Arts of Malden for coming out and supporting the event. Stacy invited for some art work to be displayed for the upcoming Window Arts event!

Many thanks to Sand T and Kathy Strissel from Malden Cultural Council to serve as our adult judges along with Stephanie Tran as the youth judge.

Big thank you to all the youth who came out to express themselves!! On Saturday, we had about 100 people who came out from all over…youth from Malden, Everett, Saugus, Somerville, Boston, Lincoln-Sudbury, Medford, Winthrop, and Chelsea! It was great diversity in all regards!!

Finally, big thanks to a selected number of Youth A.C.T. members who worked especially hard to make everything possible:
Matthew Chan
Andrea So
Sam Kasuli
Diana Jeong
Thuy Nguyen
Stephenson Kim
If I missed anyone, please forgive me and please know that you are appreciated and I am sure you know how you have made the event a success for our youth and our community.

Love and peace.

Mai Du
Director of Youth Programs
American Red Cross of Massachusetts Bay
139 Main Street
Cambridge, MA 02142
(T) 617-274-5320
(F) 617-274-5250

Sunday, July 12, 2009

PHOTOS from the FIELD: Urban Art Competition 2009

... on Saturday, July 11, at the Lincoln Common.

Prizes for the Competition - "These trophies are custom-made by Youth A.C.T. members to honor the occasion. In addition to the trophies, winners received certificates for their prizes and $25 gift cards to Michael’s, Barnes and Noble, and Stop and Shop. We also had four honorable mentions with framed certificates for: Most Creative, Most Inspiring, People’s Choice, and Most Likely to Be Famous."
Caption: Mai Du
Photo: Sand T

A 4' x 8' "Community Art Board" for the pubic to express their artistic skills. Photo: Sand T

Young artist at work. Photo: Sand T

Work in progress. Photo: Sand T

Mai Du, Director of Youth Programs of the American Red Cross of Massachusetts Bay says, "Members of Youth A.C.T. and I would like to thank each of you for your support of this year’s Urban Art Competition. The community presence has just been so heart-warming with everyone’s support and enthusiastic involvement!" Photo: Sand T

FOOGI - Friends of Oak Grove, Inc. members, (from left to right) Karen Hayes, Paul Sieswerda, Patrick Hayes and Jackie Bouley. Members of FOOGI coordinating their support, they have donated a PA system for the day, as well as 40 boards for the artists to use. Photo: Sand T

Photo: Sand T

Photo: Sand T

Photo: Sand T

Photo: Sand T

People’s Choice Award Winner - Jessica Ma of MaldenName of Art Work: Sunset
- Jessica likes nature and places that brings her a sense of peace. She felt inspired to paint the bright orange sunset to express a sense of serenity and inner peace.
Caption: Mai Du
Photo: Sand T

Photo: Sand T

Photo: Sand T

Anne D'Urso-rose, Assistant Director of MATV video-taping the event. Photo: Sand T

With Sand T are MATV Asian Spectrum video crews, Melody Tzang (center) and Seto (right). Photo: Paul Sieswerda

Members of Youth A.C.T. (Activism, Coalition, Trust). Photo: Paul Sieswerda

Some of the highlights - various performances throughout the hours in the Commons. Photo: Sand T

Photo: Sand T

Three judges for the competition (from left to right): Stephanie Tran, Youth A.C.T. member, recent Malden High School graduate, freshman at Bryn Mar College and Posse Foundation Scholar; Kathy Strissel, member of the Malden Cultural Council and artist (painter and jewelry maker), and Sand T, locally and internationally recognized artist, founder of artSPACE@16 ONLINE and MAKING THE ART SEEN Online Gallery.
Caption: Mai Du

Judging time.... Photo: Sand T

Photo: Paul Sieswerda

Completed art boards. Photo: Sand T

Photo: Paul Sieswerda

Award-winning artists with their works. Photo: Sand T

Mai Du and members of Youth A.C.T. expressed, "Thank you all so much for your support of this great community momentum to support youth artistic expression!" Photo: Sand T

(Left) Most Likely to Be Famous Award Winner: Mai Le Nguyen of EverettName of Art Work: Top of the World
- Mai painted an illuminated Earth with the city landscape in the background highlighting the urbanization of humanity. On top of the world is the Sun Goddess who is looking down on earth giving it light. Both the lights from the urban community and the Sun Goddess make earth bright, healthy, and happy
Caption: Mai Du
Photo: Sand T

Most Creative Award Winner: Anthony Knox of MaldenName of Art Work: No name
- Basically, Anthony painted Jason from Friday the 13th with a hat. Nothing in particular inspired his work except that he thought it would be interesting to depict Jason with a hat, as a different twist to how Jason is usually portrayed.
Caption: Mai DuPhoto: Paul Sieswerda

2nd Place Award Winners: Maya Hayes + Grace Cappucio of Malden
Name of Art Work: True Friendship
- Maya Hayes and Grace Cappucio originally started out to create a volcano. Soon enough, the art work split into two halves and each took a side. Maya likes blue and white so she used those colors. Grace likes brighter and louder colors so she used lots of yellow, red, and oranges. The girls shared that they are best friends but of totally opposite personalities. But together, they balance each other out and make true friendship.
Caption: Mai DuPhoto: Sand T

Photo: Sand T

Most Inspiring Award Winner: Jesse Bouley of Malden
Name of Art Work: The Splattered
- Jesse started out painting and he soon found that his method was not bringing him satisfaction for his creative process. Spontaneity motivated him to just throw paint onto his work so he started to splatter the paint and kept at it until he felt his self expression process completed. It was a liberating and enjoyable process for Jesse.
Caption: Mai Du
Photo: Paul Sieswerda

Photo: Sand T

1st Place Award Winner: Jonathan Silva
Name of Art Work: Family Name
Jonathan shared that he painted an ‘S’ to represent the first letter of his last name, “Silva”. He created arrows to declare that his family and heritage will live on forever. He liked the colors he used so hence the choices and the planets around the ‘S’ gives it a mystic feeling as if it’s ‘outer space.’
Caption: Mai Du
Photo: Paul Sieswerda

3rd Place Award Winner: Nguyen Le of Everett
Name of Art Work: Leaving Emerald City
- Nguyen shared that a lot of people go to the city to find their dreams and build goals around it. The painting depicts a girl who decided to leave the city of yellow brick road (Wizard of Oz) as she found that the city did not bring her what she has hoped for.
Caption: Mai Du
Photo: Paul Sieswerda

Second Place Award Winners with the judges. Photo: Sand T

With Laureen Scibinico, director of the YWCA, Mai Du expressed, "Many conversations took place to expand support for youth arts in Malden as well. The energy is as strong as ever!" Photo: Sand T

To learn more about the event, contact Mai Du at DuMai (at) or Youth A.C.T. at youthact (at)


Monday, July 6, 2009


Local artists received City Council and Mayoral Recognition for participating in the Features of Malden Art Contest. Shown with the Artists are: Councillors James Nestor, far left, and Judi Bucci, far right, and Mayor Richard C. Howard, back center.


Twelve Malden artists submitted art work for the first-ever “Features of Malden” Art Contest, sponsored by the City and a private developer. Capturing first place was Ose Manheim for a colorful photo collage of various houses in the community.

The winning art work including the caption “Malden: A Great Place to Live” will be installed as part of the decorative fence panel project along Main Street, opposite the First Baptist Church.

Artists were inviting to submit all types of art work for the contest, which was sponsored by Mayor Richard C. Howard, the Malden City Council’s Citizens Engagement and Downtown Revitalization and Housing Trust of New England LLC, developer of a proposed mixed-use residential/commercial development known as Main Street Residences.

Malden artists were invited to capture their view of what makes Malden a unique and beautiful city. Entries were reviewed by a panel of judges consisting of a representative of Mayor Howard’s office, a representative of Housing Trust of New England LLC and members of the Citizens Engagement and Downtown Revitalization Committees.

The winner was announced at this week’s City Council meeting by Ward Four Councillor James Nestor, whose ward includes Malden Square where the fence panel project is located. All of the artists were invited to the meeting and were given citations commending them for their work and participation.

Noted Councillor Nestor: “This is an exciting project that has helped beautify that section of Main Street. It is great to see our local artists embracing this initiative.” In addition to the winner, the other entries included watercolors of Fellsmere Pond and Malden Public Library, photographs of well-known Malden buildings and places including local parks.

Following is some background information about each of the artists who participated in the contest:

Ose Manheim: The winner of this year’s contest, Manheim is a native of Stockholm, Sweden, Manheim has studied photography, pottery, and portrait drawing. She has also done illustrations for children’s literature. She has exhibited her work in several area galleries including Malden and has been a participant in the city’s Window Arts Malden Project.

Linda Waite: A Malden resident, Waite graduated from Malden High School and was accepted into a Fashion Design program at Chamberlyn Junior College in Boston where she received her associates’ degree. She owned a dressmaking business for 10 years, specializing in the creation of wedding gowns. She later began working with pastels and does pastel portraits of children, pets and landscapes. She works as a self-help coach for Sun Life Financial.

Rod Peterson: A native and current resident of Malden, (Malden High School class of 1967), Peterson started painting in the early 1970’s just after he finished his training as a social worker. He has been involved in a number of individual and group shows over the years, has been a past member of the South Shore Arts Assoc., the Copley Society, the Marblehead Arts Assoc., the Reading Arts Assoc. and the Malden Guild of Artists. He is currently an Artist Member of the North Shore Arts Assoc.

For the past fourteen years he’s worked and exhibited with other area artists in the Malden Sketch Group, a weekly life drawing and painting group currently meeting Monday nights at the Oak Grove Community Building. Peterson paints primarily in watercolor and enjoys working outdoors doing landscapes or cityscapes.

Joseph Patrick Cerminara: A Malden High School graduate, Cerminara has exhibited in the school’s Blue and Gold Gallery and one of his pieces captured honorable mention from the annual Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards. Most recently, Cerminara’s focus is on illustration, fine art and graphic design.

A 2005 graduate of The New England Institute of Art in Brookline, he has actively pursued a career working in such companies as Houghton Mifflin Publishing, BlackSheep Marketing, and working freelance for at least two startup businesses. In addition he is actively involved in artistic competitions including a logo design contest in which his design was chosen to represent the Massachusetts & Rhode Island Antiquarian Booksellers organization.

Kathleen Conners: An art minor in college, Conners was introduced to the many and varied art mediums and has dabbled in most of them throughout her adult life, all while performing her duties as a full-time teacher and wife raising a family. Now that her family has grown and she has retired from teaching, she has been able to actively pursue her art interests. Over the years she has found a love for the fabric arts (quilting) and watercolor (paintings).

Lisa L. Sears: A visual artist and editor living and working in Malden, Sears earned a BFA in studio art from the School of Visual Arts, University of North Texas with additional study at the University of Texas in Austin. Working in water-based media, she paints and draws on canvas and paper. Occasional ventures are made into black and white and digital photography.

Vanessa Ly: Post graduation, she began work in the architectural profession. Working in this field, she saw opportunities where architects and designers could create environments that could possibly promote diversity and community development; it was a field that allowed spaces to communicate with people. After a two-year stint in the architectural field, Ly began focusing on illustrations and graphics. Designing and drawing became outlets that allowed her to give life to the imagination.

Sand T: Sand T obtained a Master of Fine Arts Degree from Tufts University and the Museum School. Her working format is mixed media paintings. She has exhibited her work in New York, Iowa, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. Her work resides in public and private art collections world wide. Sand T was awarded Exceptional Work Award this June for her epoxy resin painting submission to a juried show at TLGUTS. In addition, she was awarded Solo Exhibition Award for her TRACES Series submission to Caladan Gallery this past May.

Sand T is highly skilled in community building, art promotion and visual merchandising. She operated artSPACE@16 in Malden and S.T Gallery in Boston's Fort Point district from 1998 - 2008. After the closing of artSPACE@16's physical gallery space, Sand T continues to advocate for the arts community on the World Wide Web. MAKING THE ART SEEN, a virtual gallery features art interviews is her new art initiative created in April 2009.

Ryan O’Malley: As a lifelong resident of Malden, O’Malley spent much of his childhood playing in the Malden park system, particularly at Coytemore Lea Park. A graduate of the College of the Holy Cross in May with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Classics, the study of Ancient Greek and Latin, O’Malley recently became a Park Ranger for the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, working primarily in Revere and Nahant shorelines. Art has played a huge role in his development and stuck with him throughout his time in the Malden Public School System as well as at the college level.

Elsa Basile: Basile, 21, has studied art at Pensacola Christian College. She enjoys painting with oil paints, but has experience in many mediums including pencil, pen, charcoal, chalk, pastel, watercolor, and acrylic. For this particular drawing of the Fellsmere Pond, Life Within, I used two oil paints - white and burnt sienna. Her portfolio consists of various still lifes, landscapes, and portraits of all ages.

Bala Muthukaruppan: A software developer by profession at HP, Muthukaruppan has a strong passion for the arts. She has been influenced by many diverse cultures having lived in six different countries—India, Bahrain, UAE, Sultanate of Oman, Qatar and the United States. She is the mother of a two-year-old.

Eaden Huang: A local resident, Huang is a photographer who has done several local exhibits.

All of the art work is currently on display until the end of July on the sixth floor of Malden Government Center, 200 Pleasant St., outside of the Mayor’s Office.