Monday, April 27, 2009

Art Collaborative: Bravo Pizza and More - Sand T - Malden Arts Window 2006

With Erol Unsal, onwer of Bravo Pizza and More in Malden. - - Creating a site specific installation entitled "CR/EATING - FOOD IS ART. ART IS FOOD." at my hosting site [Bravo Pizza & More] storefront window was a pleasurable experience for me. Photo: Wes Kalloch

Image: "CR/EATING - FOOD IS ART. ART IS FOOD." - - Detail of A Site Specific Installation by Sand T - Installed at Bravo Pizza and More Storefront Windows located at 54 Pleasant Street in Downtown Malden. September 2006. Photo: Sand T

"When I thought of creating an installation that would be appropriate for display in Bravo Pizza and More’s storefront windows, I came up with an idea for an installation about FOOD. Bravo Pizza makes pizza and other yummy food to fill your stomach. I’m making this art installation to feed your eye and to nourish your soul. Some consider cooking a form of art. Others consider the preparation of food a craft. Through this installation "CR/EATING" I would like to expose the likeness of art and food making. I see my act of creating this installation akin to the act of Bravo Pizza preparing a meal for you." 
The following is a quote from an interview with the business owner Erol Unsal: “You need some art in your life. All over the world, doesn’t matter where you are, art is a very important part of our life.”

Unsal expressed enthusiastically, “I love your display! All these people passing by they stopped and really spent time looking at your display, they love it, and then they came in and ate!”