Thursday, April 23, 2009

Malden Observer Vote for Citizen of the Year 2003

"Sand T - owner of artSPCE@16

She has been beyond tireless in her effort to get the community involved in the process and keep the community involved in it. She has done wonders for getting people from different cultures and different histories to gather under a common appreciation of art and meet one another. She has gotten people to stop thinking of Malden as a stopping point along the way, and to start thinking of it as a place to grow community. She has inspired residents of Malden and beyond to create art and share it with others. She has created a demand for more art throughout the City, as well as convincing people that they can create it."

- Comment from an unnamed nominator of Sand T for Citizen of the Year 2003 conducted by the Malden Observer in September 2003.