Monday, April 27, 2009

Art Collaborative: FuLoon Restaurant - Sand T - Window Arts Malden 2007

Diane Tang, owner of the Fuloon Restaurant posed in front of her window that housed "Abundance", a site specific installation created by Sand T for the 2007 Window Arts Malden Project. Photo: Sand T

Abundance is a site specific installation aimed to serve as both an eye-catcher to enhance FULOON’s store image and to “cordially invite” passersby into the restaurant. Keywords that suggest well wishing for “A Great Abundance of…” in Chinese and English are mechanically printed and hand written on a variety of colorful round papers, especially RED. Round is a form that implies fullness, entirely developed, completion, and perfection. The color red is the most auspicious color for Chinese people, a color that is marked by lucky signs and good omens. Red is seen as the promise of success or happiness. Colored thread is used to string these round cut-outs into strands to indicate continuity, connection and bounty.

Photo: Sand T