Monday, April 27, 2009


October 8, 2005

TO: The Co-Chairman: Susan D'Entremont, Paula Higgins.
Board members: Tom Cheever, John D'Entremont, Cathy Fallon, Steve Kleinedler, Susan Lawrence
Malden Cultural Council - Malden Government Center, 200 Pleasant St., Room 221, Malden, MA 02148


While I have frequently had the occasion to write a letter of support for various individuals with whom I have known in some capacity, I cannot in truth remember one about which I have been so enthusiastic as this. I am writing to you in support of the very first Malden Windows Art Project submitted by local artists Naomi Brave and Kelvy Bird.

I have known both individuals throughout the years and have found them not only to be productive community minded artists, but strong members of the Malden artists’ community as a whole. Most importantly, I know of their dedication to art and their professional work qualities.

I operate a gallery called artSPACE@16 in Malden. artSPACE@16 is not just a gallery, but a community activist entity. It has played a leadership role in art collaboratives and initiatives within the community since it's inception in 2000. It has pushed to shape an art community in Malden by inspiring and collaborating with the City to create studio spaces and gallery.

I am eager to support fellow artists Naomi Brave and Kelvy Bird in their application for the Malden Cultural Council grant to carry out this exciting windows art project for the economical and cultural benefit of Malden. This project will bring together local businesses and artists by working collaboratively to transform downtown Malden’s windows into an outdoor gallery for two weeks in September 2006.

This exciting windows art project is a mutually beneficial community art project which will not only generate new traffic and revenue to local businesses; it will also provide much needed exposure for the artists. In doing so, our residents will have an easily accessible opportunity to experience today's art created by our local artists. This will result in a rewarding experience for all concerned.

I have immense respect and enthusiasm for Naomi and Kelvy’s abilities to carry out this exciting project and I can easily give to you my strongest recommendation for them. I ask for your full support of this project, for it is a most creative way to build community and revitalize downtown Malden.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 781-, or email


Sand T
Founder / director
artSPACE@16 Gallery in Malden, Massachusetts